Monday, April 28, 2014

Been away am back R The culture of SLOW We existed for almost eternity in a culture of slow. Up till 150 years ago top speed was set by organic engines that were fueled by food and water like us. Sailing ships were slow horses could go for short periods and 30 mph was the seeming top speed. Florida road maps of the 1940s had the top allowable speed set to 35mph. Trains didn’t get rolling fast till the 1900s and bicycles could if you let them be powered by gravity even beating a train at top speed. It wasn’t till post WW2 that the culture of slow flipped to the culture of speed. Speed replaced the ability to sleep as you traveled making speed the main component. Use to be you could get on a train, relax, past time by socializing then find comfortable rest and wake on the other side of the nation refreshed. Once the sleep/comfort option was removed only speed would do. Speed is powered by fossil fuel ignition in all but the fewest of occasions and the industry knew the key components of attaining the maximum addiction. Imagine relaxed travel, being on a train with a sleeping compartment, dining car, ability to walk around and socialize, view the countryside without fear of crashing, even use one of the 1,000 attention sucking devises freely without worry of injury.