Thursday, February 10, 2011

Point of Change of Perception

The illusion of stillness is crippling us. We are dynamic living animals reactive and engaged in life’s struggle like it or not.

We have thousands of colonies of bacteria living in and on us. Tiny bugs on our skin and eyelids. We are shedding skin, hair, dehydrating with every breath and composed of mostly just water. Each day we replenish that water with more, ever changing the mix and the creatures that call us home.

We are changlings morphing each day to fill the void of needs we represent on a cosmic scale. Every living thing around us is too in exactly the same way. Some tiny creatures live their entire lives in a few days, some live for centuries. We live as we please and that is the difference.

I was walking the roadside and noticed an oyster shell as fill. It struck me deeply as different, it was subconscious, I without thought picked it up. The shell was thick and heavy 10 time heavier than any oyster that I had seen before. Upon observation the oyster lived to about 200 years adding to the shell yearly as they do to grow. I left thinking, wondering about the thousands of these I just saw. Common knowledge is oysters live to 30 and maybe 80 years, research showed the same.

I have been back to the oysters as fill site many times now looking and digging for clues knowing that reality exists outside our perceptions and beliefs. It exists as it has and will always as fact, unquestionable and undeniable true when you hold it in your hand.

The oysters were part of a catastrophic change event tens of thousands of years ago. Buried alive quickly and forever until a backhoe hit them 10 years ago inland in Franklin county and began to use them as solid fill. I have found many bone fragments, whole intact oysters, monster teeth and unidentified remains in the road fill by the side of the road.

I have rethought how we think and what we do to a point of beginning thinking of being that 200 year old oyster in the shallows existing till its shell became so large it could not manage the weight any longer. Everything is on a timeline, even the dead remains of the oysters shell. Broken down and recycled over and over from sand grains to solar systems all is changing.

Imagine using our self guided discovery for good. We live as we please purely and honestly the only creature in the cosmos known to do this. The only creature, the only creature that can both create and please. Imagine the power we have to connect dots, to assist in good work to knit profound dimensions together with understanding and resolve.

Natures solution is water it comprises every living thing, it compromises it too over time. It is the salt water womb that life began in much like a silent big bang boom. How can we be like water and get along, understand and prosper with all things?
Every living creature but us has a natural bio-logical dance attached to its life. It is code driven by timeless passages of time. Evolution is the word we use but it is so much deeper a word cannot convey it. 92 essential and universal elements create everything, just 92. Stardust stuff, 98% of the cosmos is helium and hydrogen these combine under heat and pressure to make the others. Simple stuff all proven undeniable. Natural un-amendable laws of nature do the rest.        

Here we are in a depression while nature is fine and prospering with no gold, god or regard for our problems. Over our civilized time we have transformed those 92 elements into millions of things that we use, want and believe to need. Our culture keeps us intact as a material society and the material we need is manmade we think.

We tried to civilize the aborigines around the world by giving them shame and fear, it failed. We have tried to tame and control nature, it failed. We have tried to manage ecosystems, it failed. We try to get along with others and it fails. So what works?

Good works and good is big. Less is more too in the world of good. Our mind needs repointing as well if we are to discover good as a way of timeless ongoing proactive discovery. Good, God and Gold need to be managed and understood for their real values. Three words hold the future of our genetic code hostage now and forever unless we act as we must to prevent our own demise. We have this choice nothing else ever ever has had.

It is all about the Journey and Home is where we find comfort, it can be a place, a time or a simple realization.

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