Thursday, April 21, 2011

Water or oil/life or death

We fight for oil but we are powered by water.

Given we have the ability to choose also gives us the ability to be entirely incorrect with choice.

I have a belief that if we can’t speak it in one breath we are avoiding the real issue.

Here is my breath of the day.

We are about 70% salty water and every living creature is mostly water. Nothing, nothing lives without water and no life exists that is not water based. If there was something to worship and protect and respect universally in would be water. An intergalactic unifying religion from 1 billion light-years away to the mirror, water says and does it all when it comes to life and living. We are by design aquafarians and take water for granted given it granted us life and ongoing freedom from death. It is simple, the essence, and the majority of every living organism alive. From our vegetables to our bacteria water drives everything.
It is clear, clean, simple, and abundant.  Now what is oil, everything dead and dark?

When we walk, bike, run, swim we are watered powered and recycling water all the way, enjoy your journey from home.

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